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RO Single Sign On 1.5.0 released

Quite some time has passed since our previous release of RO Single Sign On, this release marks a big step forward in making the extension robust and full of options. We added LDAP support, exclude URLS, and many more.


The SimpleSAMLphp library has been updated to version 1.19.8 In the meantime SimpleSAMLphp has already released version 2 but this does not work yet with RO Single Sign On, we are committed to switch to SimpleSAMLphp 2 in our next major release.

Exclude URLs

The Exclude URLs allows you to specify specific or partial URLs to be excluded from Single Sign On, this means that when a URL matches the excluded URL, the request is not being redirected to the Identity Provider.

Exclude URLs


A number of changes have been made to manage the usergroups. You can now sync usergroups at login, this way users are ensured to have the correct usergroups as managed at the Identity Provider.

Manage Usergroups

The usergroup mapping has been extended as well to not only use a default usergroup but dynamic groups can be selected as well based on a value that is received from the Identity Provider. This can one or more mappings.


This release adds LDAP support, so you can communicate with servers that run LDAP instead of SAML.

Automatic login backend

The automatic login has been extended to the backend as well, so users who have an active session do not have to login manually. There is the option to set an escape word, just in case a user needs to login to Joomla without Single Sign On.

Other changes

The certificates view has been refactored so you can easily create and remove certificates via the backend view. The nameID field can be used to map to the username if the Identity Provider sends this field.

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.