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RO Payments 8.1.0 available

We are moving forward with the development of RO Payments and this RO Payments 8.1.0 release brings some small niceties and a few bugfixes. Nothing shocking but a simple update.

iDEAL 2.0

In an earlier release we announced the support of iDEAL 2.0 and this has been running quite fine. The only real issue that was found is if you run an update of RO Payments, the folder with your keys would also be deleted by Joomla. This version will make a backup of your keys and configuration file before starting the update process, once the update process is finished, the keys and configuration file will be put back in their original place so you do not lose your iDEAL 2.0 settings.

Unknown status message

The unknown status message had no option to use placeholders because it was considered unknown. However there is a transaction log for such a payment so we now made it possible to use placeholders in the unknown status message as they are in regular messages.


There was a small change in Hikashop but one that caused the user not to be redirected to a result page. This has been fixed so users will be redirected to the correct page if this is setup in your payment method in HikaShop.


In VirtueMart you could select another payment method on checkout but this would never become active, this was caused by the function name needing to be case-sensitive now. In addition there was an issue with the payment form not being shown. In newer versions of VirtueMart this needs to use vRequest in order for it to be shown. That has been fixed as well.

RSForm! Pro

A minor issue has been fixed where radio buttons would have an incorrect ID.

Event Booking

By default Event Booking puts an order ID in the transaction ID field and we left it as it was. However some users would rather see the actual transaction ID from the payment provider here so we made that an option. You can change to use the payment provider transaction ID by going to Plugins and then find the RO Payments - Event Booking plugin, edit the plugin and you can set your preference there.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Added log ID to the unknown message URL to be able to use placeholders
  • Fixed incorrect field ID for RSForms!Pro radio field
  • Use improved SEF router
  • Start using Buckaroo SDK
  • Set default value for message text ID
  • Added to keep ING iDEAL Advanced configuration on update
  • Changed to add domain name to unknown result page to prevent cli in the URL
  • Joomla 4 compatibility for Membership Pro
  • Fixed menu redirect in HikaShop plugin
  • Fixed capitalization on function names in VirtueMart plugin
  • Fixed payment method not showing in VirtueMart, need to use vRequest if possible
  • Added option to select which transaction ID to use in Events Booking
  • Added missing language string in JoomDonation plugin

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.