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RO Payments 8.0.0 beta 1 available

Earlier this year we released RO Payments 7.1.0 and now we are already on to RO Payments 8.0.0 beta 1. The reason for this fast pace is that some major changes have taken place in the meantime. That is why this release offers some new payment providers including Stripe Payment Elements


A lot has been happening in the world of iDEAL. This payment system has been around for around 15 years and is ever growing. The main reason for ING to clean it up and start with iDEAL version 2 which will become mandatory from June 15th, 2022. WIth the release of RO Payments 8.0.0 beta 1 we have support for iDEAL version 2. You do not need to wait to June 15th to switch to iDEAL version 2, you can do it now.

Ginger Payments

Another payment provider that has been added is Ginger Payments. Ginger Payments provides a white label solution to companies who want to process online payments. One of these companies that uses Ginger Payments is EMS. EMS is also supported via their old hosted payment pages but the new EMS API runs via Ginger Payments. Not only can you use Ginger Payments with EMS but with any payment provider that uses Ginger Payments.

Stripe Payment Elements

Probably the biggest change is the addition of Stripe to the list of supported payment providers. Stripe is a world-wide player in the field of online payments.

Stripe Payment Options

All payments are securely handled by Stripe so there is no data stored on your own website in regards to the payment. RO Payments 8.0.0 beta 1 offers all the payment methods available via Stripe Payment Elements. We have some more tweaking to do in the number of customization options that are available but Stripe can already be used to collect payments on your site.

Removed Payment Service Providers

In this release we have also removed some payment providers because they are no longer available:

  • ING Kassacompleet
  • iDEAL Lite


Support for RSDirectory 2 has been added so that users using this version can also accept payments. Further basic support for recurring payments has been added to allow you to start subscriptions when users buy via RSDirectory.

RSForm! Pro

This is the staple of every release nowadays. The loading of JavaScript has been improved to make sure that it is always loaded so that the total can be calculated. The directory view has been fixed in those cases where the _STATUS field is not used, this will not be shown anymore.

Transaction IDs

For Mollie and Rabobank Omnikassa a transaction ID is generated by RO Payments, this was not always unique enough so the transaction IDs have been updated to be more unique.


The Description field in a profile will now also work with English named placeholders {AMOUNT}, {PAYMENT_REFERENCE}, and {USERID}.


This is a beta release and may contain bugs that affect performance, make sure to test this on a test website and not on a production site. Even though we believe it is usable we want to caution you.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Improved loading JavaScript in RSForm! Pro
  • Added support for iDEAL 2.0
  • Fixed retrieving payment status from Mollie
  • Improved status handling in case customers come in midway of processing the status
  • Check if the _STATUS field is used in the directory view of RSForm! Pro
  • Cleaning up the Payment Service Provider files
  • Added logging Sisow errors to transaction log
  • Removed ING KassaCompleet
  • Removed iDEAL Lite
  • Added Ginger Payments
  • Added bank transfer payment reference to transaction list
  • Added English placeholders for {AMOUNT}, {PAYMENT_REFERENCE}, and {USERID}
  • Added Stripe Payment Elements
  • Added support for RSDirectory! 2
  • Added recurring payments for RSDirectory!
  • Improved unique transaction ID for Mollie and Rabobank Omnikassa

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.