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RO Payments 7.0.0 available

As the year is coming to an end we have one more release of RO Payments we wish to share with you. RO Payments 7.0.0 sees some big changes in RSForm! Pro support come to life, most important the discount field.

iDEAL Advanced

In January 2022 it will have been 5 years since we had to change the certificate with which we talk to the bank. Since the certificate is only valid for 5 years this means we need to update it again. To use the new certificate, go to your iDEAL Advanced profile in RO Payments and select New certificate 2022 and save the settings. Make sure to also make this change in the dashboard of your bank as outlined in the message received from your bank.

RSForm! Pro

There has been a major overhaul of the RSForm! Pro plugin to make even more use of the features of RSForm! Pro.In RO Payments 6.6.0 we added initial support for RSForm! Pro responsive layouts but now we have taking this even further. All fields are rendered by RSForm now which means even more consistent output of your forms. The fields now also render in the backend of your form so you can see which options are shown in the frontend. We moved some options around in the Form Properties as they make more sense where they are now as we also added some more options.

Conditional fields

Conditional field support is now also available using RO Payments fields in your forms. This way you can show fields based on user selection instead of showing all fields at once.

Discount field

A long-awaited feature is now complete and added, the discount field. The discount field allows you to add coupons to your forms and as such provide discounts to your customers. The discount field works exactly the same way as the standard discount field in RSForm.

Hide price in multiple products

The multiple products field has a new option to hide the price in the dropdown. You can now choose if you wish to hide the description or the price, or even both. However hiding both description and price means you see nothing :)

Multiple products in emails

Quantity box validation

When a field is required in the form, the quantity box was never taken into account. This means a user could submit a form where an option is checked with a quantity of zero. This is not very nice, so we now also check the value of the quantity box to be at least 1 if the field is required.

Mask field formatting

The way the price fields are shown in your form can now be configured per form as the format can be set in the Form Properties of RO Payments. There are 3 fields that you can configure with a mask:

  • Product Price
  • Amount Price
  • Total Price


We have added a number of new placeholders that you can use in the messages and emails, these are the placeholders:


The placeholders will also take into account the mask field as described above.

All these changes mean you must uninstall the RO Payments - RSForm! Pro plugin currently installed, after that install the new version.


A small fix has gone in where the donation status of any amount above 1000 would not be updated.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Move the Input box to use RSForm! Pro responsive layout
  • Added conditional field support for RSForm! Pro
  • Fixed showing transaction log in modal
  • Move around the options in RSForm! Pro
  • Fixed incorrect redirects after payment
  • Improved processing payment status in RSEvents!Pro
  • Fixed rendering select dropdown list with quantity box and calculations
  • Added new placeholders for RSForm! Pro
  • Added discount field for RSForm! Pro
  • Render fields in backend form for RSForm! Pro
  • Reworked the quantity boxes in RSForm! Pro
  • Added quantity box validation in RSForm! Pro
  • Added option to include or exclude not selected multiple product options in RSForm! Pro
  • Added an exception for Joomdle redirects
  • Fixed price comparison > 1000 in jGive
  • Added option to hide price in multiple fields of RSForm! Pro
  • Added updated 2022 iDEAL Advanced key

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.