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RO Payments 6.4.0 available

The last few months have been interesting in the changes that RO Payments has undergone. Not much to see on the outside but under the hood we made some significant changes. The biggest change being that RO Payments can now update the payment status even if the page is behind a login. We also added a number of plugin triggers so you can hook into the flow of RO Payments.

Process status updated behind login

For quite some time we have had questions as to why the status is not updated of a payment. In many cases we found out that the form or registration page is behind a login. In other words, users must log in first to be able to submit the form. When a request from the payment provider comes it, they are a guest because they know nothing about the user and as a guest you do not have access to the page that is behind a login. In this release we include an authentication plugin that will handle a login as the user who started the payment. This makes it possible to also update statuses that are behind a login.

RSForms! Pro

There were a few small issues with the RSForms! Pro plugin that we fixed. Most notable is the restore of a form would not restore the template settings. The other issues that are fixed are:

  • Sending the payment method from the form to RO Payments
  • Tax value fields not used

There are 2 new plugin triggers fired from the RSForms! Pro flow:

  • onPrepareThankYouMessage
  • onPrepareRedirectUrl

You can use these triggers in your own plugins to add some custom logic to the flow.

Submissions that involved RO Payments would be deleted after 1 day as payments generally happen within minutes and at most a few hours. However banktransfers can take up to 30 days to complete. This would mean that the submission is lost by the time the payment status of the banktransfer comes through. You can now set the expiry time yourself in the plugin settings.

RO Payments - RSForm! Pro settings

Mollie Recurring Payments

This time around we also improved the subscription support to make it even easier to use:

  • Edit a subscription
  • Front-end page for managing subscriptions by users
  • onCancelSubscriptionComplete trigger

Edit a subscription

In the backend you have a list of your subscriptions but you could only see some information in the list. Now it is possible to see the details of the subscription by clicking on it. Not only can you see the details but also edit and save them, for example to update the subscription description.

Manage subscriptions

Customers now have no chance to cancel their subscriptions, they have to inform you that they want to cancel a subscription. The front-end view will give them an overview of the subscriptions they have and which ones are active. All you need to do is create a menu item to the Subscriptions page and the customer will see their subscriptions.

onCancelSubscriptionComplete trigger

This trigger is fired after a subscription cancellation has been completed and allows you to hook into the flow to start custom processes.

Plugin triggers

In this release we added a few more plugin triggers to make your work with RO Payments more flexible. All the plugin triggers have been documented in the A list of RO Payment plugin triggers article. To get an idea on how to use them there is also an example plugin included which can be found in the folder plugins/jdideal/ropayments.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Automatically detect choosePayment field for RSForm! Pro
  • Fixed syncing subscriptions sync recurring state
  • Added plugin trigger onPrepareThankYouMessage to modify RSForm! Pro thank you message
  • Added plugin trigger onPrepareRedirectUrl to modify RSForm! Pro redirect URL
  • Update Mollie API to version 2.30.2
  • Fixed consumer name fields
  • Store the profile ID with the customer in Mollie recurring
  • Fixed sending the payment method from RSForm! Pro form
  • Added option to set expiry time for submissions to be deleted in RO Payments - RSForm! Pro plugin
  • Fixed show credit card details as mandate in customer view
  • Added front-end view for managing subscriptions
  • Fixed recurring subscription hook callback URL
  • Added subscription edit page
  • Fixed hour difference in transactions list
  • Added onCancelSubscriptionComplete trigger
  • Added example plugin on how to handle triggers
  • Fixed tax value field in RSForm! Pro
  • Added authentication plugin to process callbacks to work behind a login
  • Fixed restoring settings with forms in RSForm! Pro
  • Fixed fatal error if no log ID is found in HikaShop plugin

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.