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RO Payments 6.3.0 available

Welcome to the new year which will hopefully give us new opportunities. We kick off 2021 with the release of RO Payments 6.3.0 which contains some more features for recurring payments in combination with Mollie.

VirtueMart payment cancellation

This release we have changed the way order cancellations are processed in VirtueMart. The change is that an order is only cancelled if the payment status received from the payment provider is cancelled. Now orders are cancelled whenever the status is not confirmed. This can lead to inconsistencies if the payment provider is late to report the status.

RSEvents! Pro 1.13.3

RSJoomla released a minor update with big changes. RSEvents version 1.13.3 changed the names of the triggers they use to make it work on Joomla 4. This means anybody updating to RSEvents 1.3.13 will break the integration with RO Payments. This release of RO Payments 6.3.0 makes it compatible with all versions of RSEvents.

RSForms! Pro

As with almost every release of RO Payments, this release has some changes as well. Most notably is that we added a new configurable field called Name. This is to link to the form field that contains a persons' name. This name is used for creating a new customer with both name and email address in Mollie.

Mollie Recurring Payments

We have spent some time to make some improvements in the recurring payments support. The changes are:

  • Multiple profiles supported
  • Sync subscriptions
  • Sync customers

Multiple profiles

In earlier versions the profile must be named mollie, that requirement has been removed and any profile that has the recurring option set will be processed.

Sync subscriptions

Whenever a recurring subscription is created this is stored in the subscription list. The only thing that is not taken into account is if any changes are made externally. The sync option will refresh all subscriptions for all recurring profiles from Mollie.

Sync customers

As with the subscriptions, the customer could be managed in Mollie as well. Any change there done is not reflected on the site. The sync button will refresh all customers for all recurring profiles from Mollie


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed event dispatcher on Joomla 4
  • Fixed payment page silent option redirecting back to form
  • Fixed getting email field for order information in RSForm! Pro
  • Fixed failure status not being the same across all payment providers
  • Fixed the name giropay for Mollie
  • Added support for RSEvents! Pro 1.13.3
  • Added sync for Mollie Subscriptions
  • Added sync for Mollie Customers
  • Changed to cancel a VirtueMart order only when the status is cancelled
  • Update Mollie API to version 2.27.2
  • Fixed email field not send to Mollie for banktransfer
  • Fixed retrieving email field from RSForm! Pro configurable fields
  • Added configurable name field for RSForm! Pro

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.