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RO Payments 6.0.2 available

In the last release of RO Payments a few things did not go as planned unfortunately, despite our own tests there were several issues identified that really needed some attention. In this release, RO Payments 6.0.2, we include the fixes for the issues that were brought to our attention.

Fatal error in RSForm! Pro using the Payment package

When using an RSForm! Pro form that makes use of the Payment package by RSJoomla, a fatal error would be generated due to no amount being passed to RO Payments. This has been fixed in this release.

Rabobank OnlineKassa (Omnikassa2)

The connection with the Rabobank Onlinekassa was completely broken for some users due to missing files and various other issues, this was caused by mixing old and new files during the installation. The installation now cleans up the old files so we only have the new files. Further investigation also found an issue with the new library supplied by the Rabobank so we have reverted back to the old trusted version that was there in RO Payments 5.

Transactionid missing part 2 Sisow

In the previous release we mentioned that if you setup iDEAL and do not have the option to choose a bank, Sisow will return an error of Transactionid missing. Initially we improved the message to explain what is really happening but in this release we have taken it a step further and reworked the new Sisow code so it now also allows for not choosing a bank on your site but the choice of bank will be shown on the Sisow page. This means that in your Sisow profile you can now turn off the extra bank choice as well.

Internetkassa crashing during payment

Using Internetkassa the payment would not go through due to a typing mistake in the replacement of placeholders that you can use in your description.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed error in Internetkassa placeholder replacements
  • Fixed RSForm! Pro fatal error when using the System - RSForm! Pro Payment plugin
  • Fixed Sisow not handling iDEAL without a bank choice
  • Revert back to OnlineKassa 1.7.0

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.