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RO Payments 5.1.0 available

RO Payments 5.1.0

So we are continuing in improving RO Payments and this has resulted in a new release with a number of fixes and new features.

Messages view

The messages view has been revised and all columns are now sortable, so you can not only filter the messages but also sort them in your own desired order.

Plugin names

After the last release it became clear that our choosing for the plugin names was a bit unfortunate because it gave the wrong impression. For example the RSForms!Pro plugin was named as such because it is the RO Payments plugin for RSForms!Pro. However if you go to the updates in Joomla, you would only see RSForms!Pro update and not realize it is not the actual RSForms!Pro but the RO Payments plugin. So we have prefixed our plugin names now with RO Payments, so it is clear it is one of our plugins and not the extension itself.

Addon override path

For a long time it has been possible to create your own addons and these would be placed in the models folder of RO Payments. Downside of this is that on every update the addon has been removed by the Joomla installer and it has to be put back. Annoying, so we now also check the active admin template override folder /html/com_jdidealgateway/addons/ for any addon that may need to be used. This will prevent any update from deleting the addon.

PID number

This is a more technical bit of news. The URL that informs the system of any payment update now contains a pid number. This pid number is needed for those transactions that actually have no transaction ID as is the case for example with Sisow when you let the customer choose the bank on the Sisow site rather than on your own site. This pid number will be used as fallback in case there is no transaction ID to handle the payment result.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Update script to check the correct requirements for RO Payments
  • Updated the update servers
  • Updated plugin names to be clearer
  • Added column sorting on messages
  • Added template override path for custom addons
  • Fixed messages not being deleted
  • Fixed several views not operations
  • Fixed use correct table name for storing profile in RSEvents!Pro
  • Added pid parameter as unique reference in case there is no transaction ID

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.