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RO CSVI 8.6.0 release

RO CSVI 8.6.0 release

A lot has happened since the previous release as we moved into a new year and new challenges. This release was planned quite some time ago but things kept popping up and new things to be added. Today we bring you a new release with a very cool new feature, you can write your own SQL queries now.

Custom SQL queries

A feature that has been in the air for a long time but never really dropped but recently I decided to bite the bullet and get it done. This resulted in a quite interesting feature. You can write your own SQL queries, add placeholders and export to multiple sheets in XLSX files.

Custom SQL query

The sheet name is used for XLSX files to name the sheets but also to know to which query any selected field belongs. This feature makes RO CSVI even more flexible for those cases where a pre-defined query does not cut it.

The placeholders can make your queries very dynamic as you can control which values are passed on to the query. The example below is not very dynamic with the placeholder set as a fixed value. However when you call your export template from a URL or via cron, you can pass these placeholders in the query and they are replaced on the fly. Running your template from the backend is also possible as you can edit the template, fill in the needed placeholders and run the template. This way you do not need to rewrite the queries every time, only need to know the values you want to use and you can run your export.

Custom SQL query placeholders

Have a look at the documentation page SQL export.

Keep ID

After the Joomla core templates were all given this option, the VirtueMart Category import now also features the option to keep the existing ID.


The K2 Items export now features the author field so when moving data to Joomla core, you have an author for your articles. A small but problematic issue has been fixed in our K2 helper file leading to a possible broken export when no group names are found.


Users who have forms in multiple languages would see a long list of forms in the form selector and it would be impossible to find the correct form. The selection box has changed to only show one instance of a form and the form ID in parenthesis. This should make identifying the form you want a lot easier. In addition the export will contain the correct value for a given form language.

Custom Fields for All / Stockable Custom Fields

Not included in this release are improvements for the Custom Fields for All and Stockable Custom Fields plugin. These changes are not ready and we did not want to delay the release any longer. As soon as these improvements are ready we will put out a new release.

PHP 8.2

As of now, RO CSVI it not compatible with PHP 8.2. There is a lot of work involved in making extensions compatible with PHP 8.2 and we are going to focus on that now that the RO CSVI 8.6.0 release is out. In the following release we plan to have the most parts covered so users running PHP 8.2 can also use RO CSVI.

Other notable changes

This release also contains a lot of fixes for issues and regressions that were found, these issues have been fixed:

  • Joomla User Groups import having an incorrect parent ID
  • Refresh of Google tokens
  • Updating a single custom field in VirtueMart Product import
  • The access field in Joomla Categories
  • PhocaCart import


Changes in RO CSVI 8.6.0

Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Added SQL queries to RO CSVI Custom export
  • Added subform values as URL parameters
  • Changed K2 SEF URLs to use K2 Router
  • Added check for unknown columns based on VirtueMart version
  • Fixed not all template settings overriden using cron
  • Changed content associations to also include category ID for more unique references in Joomla Content import
  • Changed content associations to also include category ID for more unique references in Joomla Content export
  • Added author field in K2 Items export
  • Fixed error template when changing language in VirtueMart Product import
  • Changed do not force Itemid on URLs used for SEF generation
  • Fixed duplicate forms due to multiple languages being used in RSForm!Pro
  • Fixed internal server error with PhocaCart import
  • Added subform values as arguments in cron command
  • Changed to show cron parameters on template fields tab in template edit page
  • Fixed loading Google token details
  • Fixed access field in Joomla Categories import
  • Fixed fatal error when Child Products Only is set to Yes on VirtueMart Product export
  • Fixed fatal error when Child Products Only is set to Yes on VirtueMart Google export
  • Added keep category ID in VirtueMart Categories import
  • Fixed updating custom field value instead of creating a new row in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed parent ID not set correctly on Joomla Usergroup import
  • Removed duplicate img field in Joomla Menus export migrate template
  • Fixed check that the return values for the K2 helper have the correct value

A full changelog of all changes is available on the download page of RO CSVI 8.6.0.

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.