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RO CSVI 8.10.0 release

RO CSVI 8.10.0 release

Our updates are coming a little faster these days as we do not want to hold on too long to mostly bugfixes. However the RO CSVI 8.10.0 release also comes with a neat feature to control error reporting.

Error Reporting

Joomla comes with 2 options when you want to debug your system. The first is the Debug System option and the other is the Error Reporting. This is a great tool to hunt down issues in your site. However we have noticed that third-party extensions do not always abide by the global settings in Joomla. This can then interfere with your import or export run.

To get some control over these settings, you can now override whatever your site is doing at a template level.

RO CSVI Error Reporting

By default the Error Reporting is set to Global Settings which respects the settings you made in the Joomla Global Configuration. Any other option will set the error reporting level to the level you have chosen here. The levels are pretty self-explanatory:

  • None
    You get no warnings, deprecation messages or errors.
  • Simple
    You get some basic information on warnings, deprecation messages and errors.
  • Maximum
    You get the full information about warnings, deprecation messages and errors.

Fatal errors will always stop the process as there is no way around it.

Joomla Custom Fields

We were notified of a possible collision in the way custom fields were stored in memory. This would lead to getting the wrong values for the wrong fields. Imagine your field ID is 3 and your custom field ID is 13, combine them and you get 313. If you have more custom fields you could have a field ID of 31 and a custom field ID of 3, combine those and you also get 313. This has been fixed now.

The Joomla Custom Field type media has now the option to export and import raw data. Thus allowing you to migrate the settings of this field verbatim.

VirtueMart Google and Product prices

The VirtueMart Product export and VirtueMart Google export have been improved when you have child products with no price as they will inherit them from their parent product. Exporting child products with no price are now exported with the price of their parent product.

Changes in RO CSVI 8.10.0

Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Added error reporting option per template
  • Improved parsing of the VirtueMart configuration
  • Load form field classes before registering their aliases
  • Fixed warning on loading GroupedlistField
  • Fixed importing J2Store articles not visible in Joomla Articles list
  • Added to use parent product price if child has no price in VirtueMart Product export
  • Added to use parent product price if child has no price in VirtueMart Google export
  • Fixed ordering of templates using drag and drop in templates list
  • Raise minimum requirement to Joomla 3.10
  • Fixed missing JTableMenu alias
  • Added option to import raw data for Joomla Custom field type media
  • Fixed removing empty rows in backend for Stockable Custom Fields with Custom Fields for All
  • Fixed missing parameter for importCustomFields trigger in Joomla Users import
  • Fixed collision with hashing for in exporting custom fields
  • Fixed the ordering of the menu items to be in the parent-child order in Joomla Menus export
  • Fixed incorrect links in the notification messages
  • Changed management of CSVI extension plugins
  • Changed raised Joomla 3 to minimal 3.10 version

A full changelog of all changes is available on the download page of RO CSVI 8.10.0.

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.