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Joomla 5 support

Today Joomla released their new major version, Joomla 5, we would like to congratulate them with this milestone and the hard work that has gone into this achievement. The most inevitable question that comes then is, can I use my RolandD extensions on Joomla 5. In this article we will explain for each extension what the status is.


We have completed our testing on Joomla 5 with RO CSVI and finished the work involved to make it run on Joomla 5. However we are not fully done with all the features we want to implement. This means that a new RO CSVI version will be released after the Joomla 5 release. The estimated date for a new release is in about two weeks.

Update October 30th: RO CSVI 8.9.0 has been released.

RO Payments

Here as well, all testing on Joomla 5 with RO Payments has completed. A new release is expected in the next few days.

Update October 30th: RO Payments 8.3.2 has been released.

RO Users

The RO Users extension has not yet been tested with Joomla 5 and a new version is expected later this year. This will be a fully rewritten version that supports the new Joomla CLI.

RO Single Sign On

There is no Joomla 5 version for RO Single Sign On yet, this is mainly due to the nature of the extension. Most sites using RO Single Sign On will not move to Joomla 5 instantly. As a result there is time to test and update this extension in due time.

We are looking forward to the new avenues that Joomla is moving into and will keep supporting new versions with updates of our extensions.