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CSVI Pro 7 released

New release CSVI Pro 7

A new year, a new release. Over the course of the last 6 months we have been working hard to bring you a new release of CSVI with not only bugfixes but also a whole bunch of new features. This release is a first step towards a more independent CSVI Pro. The extra framework we used in the previous releases has been discontinued and CSVI is now completely Joomla! native code.

HikaShop support

As announced in the past, we continue to improve support for HikaShop. This release is no different, we added more support for HikaShop options in the import and export areas. The biggest change is most likely the order import which now makes it possible to import orders and order products into HikaShop.


A complete new extension that we support is Form2Content. Form2Content allows you to add content in a form based field where you control all the form elements and the look and feel. We have build 3 imports and 3 exports, this allows you to fully import and export all needed data to manage your Form2Content forms, fields and content. We have created tutorials for Form2Content as well for all these imports and exports.

Example templates

Example templates are now available for all supported extensions. You can install the example templates in CSVI from the Maintenance menu.

  1. Go to Maintenance
  2. Select CSVI Pro
  3. Select Example Templates
  4. Click on Continue

Multi-replace rule

As of PHP 7.0 it is no longer possible to use PHP functions in a regular expression. This is something many people make use of within the replace plugin. To make it possible to still have the same kind of actions available we developed the multi-replace plugin. This plugin can do what the old replace plugin did but more. What the multi-replace plugin can do is to chain operations, so you can say first do A then do B and finally do C. There is a list of operations available in the multi-replace plugin and if you want to have more operations added, let us know.

The old replace plugin will no longer shipped as of CSVI 7.0 however it will remain on existing installations and can still be used. This way you can setup any new rules using the new multi-replace and gradually move out the old replace plugin.


This release features a number of notable changes. These added features are:

  • Made CSS and JS files versioned
  • Removed FOF dependencies
  • Removed update of available fields during installation
  • Switch to HTTPS links for ICEcat XML files
  • Updated New SEF URL generation
  • Use Joomla database driver for export queries
  • Added a check if HikaShop image already exists or not
  • Added Awocoupon example templates
  • Added category separator option in HikaShop category import
  • Added category separator option to HikaShop product import
  • Added check if available fields need updating
  • Added check if folder or file exists for load from server option
  • Added CSS file exporttable.css to HTML output to allow styling
  • Added Custom Filters example templates
  • Added Fastseller example templates
  • Added Form2Content article import and export
  • Added Form2Content content type fields import and export
  • Added Form2Content content type import and export
  • Added HikaShop example templates
  • Added HikaShop order import
  • Added HikaShop order product import
  • Added Import based on field for Custom import
  • Added import from external database
  • Added Joomla Menu example templates
  • Added Joomla User example templates
  • Added make combining of XML nodes more flexible
  • Added make downloading of PDF files from ICEcat optional
  • Added media fields for VirtueMart category and manufacturer export
  • Added multiple shopper group name for VirtueMart user info import
  • Added multi-replacement plugin replaces the replace plugin
  • Added option to export to database
  • Added option to import data from text field
  • Added option to what to do with empty files on export
  • Added Product Builder example templates
  • Added retrieve parent manufacturer for child on VirtueMart Google export
  • Added RSForm! Pro example template
  • Added Show variants product category in HikaShop order export filter
  • Added Showing friendly message for duplicate SKUs in VirtueMart product import
  • Added Skip rule plugin
  • Added Stockable custom fields for using parent product as derived product
  • Added VirtueMart example templates
  • Added VirtueMart maintenance option to check for duplicate SKUs
  • Added zone fields to HikaShop order export

The issues fixed in this release are:

  • Fixed auto-generating product images on VirtueMart product import
  • Fixed CDATA setting for manufacturer and product url on Google export
  • Fixed Custom override and disabler fields not updating in VirtueMart product import
  • Fixed exported URL missing slash in case of non-SEF URL
  • Fixed exports not using UTC timestamp for comparing dates
  • Fixed Fix Menu method missing
  • Fixed full_name empty if shipping address is empty on VirtueMart order export
  • Fixed get products with 0 stock using stock filter option on VirtueMart product export
  • Fixed getting category ID for Joomla! content
  • Fixed HikaShop importing empty categories
  • Fixed image path duplicate check in VirtueMart manufacturer import
  • Fixed Import available fields are shown on export
  • Fixed incorrect error message when virtuemart_product_id and order_item_sku are both used in VirtueMart order item import
  • Fixed invalid arguments error on update available fields
  • Fixed invalid SQL query on HikaShop order export
  • Fixed Joomla! category import wrong structure
  • Fixed Joomla! content import duplicating records
  • Fixed logger not available on cron export
  • Fixed Make the temporary folder name more unique
  • Fixed Manufacturer category id not assigned to manufacturer in VirtueMart manufacturer import
  • Fixed missing fields in VirtueMart order import
  • Fixed Moved name field from userinfos to user table on VirtueMart userinfo export
  • Fixed notice error fixes for lastrun when there are no templates
  • Fixed override file for available fields
  • Fixed override routine in front-end export and cli
  • Fixed path to thumb images for manufacturer takes wrong path on VirtueMart manufacturer import
  • Fixed possible notice on price styling in VirtueMart Advanced order export
  • Fixed product currency not being used on HikaShop product import
  • Fixed sale_start and sale_end dates on HikaShop product import
  • Fixed the Enter key not being able to use
  • Fixed the onAfterImport is not being triggered in cron mode
  • Fixed translate media id to file_url on export
  • Fixed undefined notice for missing shipmentmethod ID in VirtueMart Advanced order export
  • Fixed undefined notice when source is not set
  • Fixed Virtuemart category filter not exporting child products
  • Fixed VirtueMart not processing HTML in product name in VirtueMart product import
  • Fixed VirtueMart product categories not showing if no languages are set in VirtueMart
  • Fixed wait time between imports not working
  • Fixed Yandex export issues

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.