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CSVI Pro 7.3.0 released

New feature release CSVI Pro 7.3.0

All summer we have been working on this new incredible version of CSV Improved. Not only fixing bugs but also adding some great new features which we think you will enjoy. The biggest of them all is the support for yet another extension. We are now also supporting the import and export of J2Store data. Allowing you to choose yet another shopping cart system and keep on using CSV Improved.


To keep supporting our customers we have added support for J2Store as this shopping cart is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Allowing users to create products from Joomla articles is a great way to maintain a store with an interface users are already used to. At this moment we have included the following imports and exports:

  1. Products
  2. Product files
  3. Product images
  4. Prices
  5. Orders
  6. Order items

As you can see quite a long list of things you can already import and export with J2Store. In combination with the Joomla Article import you can manage all your products with ease. We have documentation available as to how to run the imports and exports as well. Have a look for that at the J2Store tutorials documentation section. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. We are looking forward to your input and see how we can improve here.


There has been some changes to the VirtueMart integration as well. Most notably is that we removed the SnelStart export routine. The reason we removed the SnelStart routine is that it was pretty much doing the same thing as the Order export except it had a few more fields. So we moved support for these fields to the Order export routine to allow you to still export these fields. To continue using your template, you can just change the type from SnelStart to Order and the template will continue to function as before.

The VirtueMart Custom Fields import now allows you to also import custom fields that are grouped. This is useful when you have a number of custom fields that belong together.

Custom fields for products are used quite a lot we noticed and users would like to see this information as well when they run the Order export. That is now possible. The VirtueMart order export supports the custom fields that are assigned to products. All you need to do is make sure that the list of available fields is updated. One thing to be aware of, the values are taking from the product settings, they do not come out of the order table so any change you make to the custom field after someone ordered it, this will export the changed value and not the one it was at the time of ordering. That is because this information is not stored by VirtueMart.

Custom Table import and export

In the previous release we improved the export of the Custom Table export by allowing you to link any tables as you like. This time we looked at the import, here we added the option to use a compound key as unique identifier. In case the table uses multiple fields to identify a record, enter multiple keys separated by a comma. Setting this, you can update fields that are identified by more than just a primary key.


Product exports usually require the product URL to be send to a comparison site like Google Shopping. Instead of having a long and not so friendly looking URL we use a SEF URL. CSV Improved supports SEF URLs but it didn't play nice on a multi-lingual site. This has now been fixed and SEF URLs are indexed based on language. Now you will always get the correct SEF URLs. Make sure to update the SEF URLs from the Maintenance section so your URLs are language aware.

Date formats

Until now the date format applied to all exported fields was set in the template. This meant you cannot get a different format for different fields. Now you can customize this by setting the date format field per field you export. Of course this will only be applied to fields that has a timestamp in them.


The above changes are just some highlights. We have made quite a few stability fixes as well to ensure CSV Improved keeps running smoothly. Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Country separator for VirtueMart Shippingrate import is now |
  • Fixed Custom filters export
  • Added Field combine to allow empty values (Thank you Pavel)
  • Added support hyperlink fieldtype for Form2Content Article import
  • Added support for J2Store Product Images import/export
  • Set a default value for watermark margins
  • Fixed Remove folder after import using cron
  • Fixed username field is ambiguous on VirtueMart User Info export
  • Added support for J2Store Order Item import/export
  • Fixed unknown class error in CSVI override file
  • Fixed generating Joomla articles in cron mode in Form2Content Article import
  • Added support for category_path in Form2Content Article import
  • Added support for Options in HikaShop Product import
  • Added support for J2Store Order import/export
  • Added compound keys to CSVI Custom Table import
  • Changed setting log and tmp folder
  • Added message to show result of Database and Menu fix on About page
  • Removed Settings option from menu as it is obsolete
  • Fixed language not correctly read from template in VirtueMart product categories list
  • Store SEF URLs with language setting
  • Added allow multiple custom fields to be exported in Joomla Content export
  • Added check if CSVI stockable custom fields or CSVI custom fields for all is installed in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed ICEcat loading indexes
  • Added result message on screen when doing a frontend export
  • Fixed template fields throwing error when not set
  • Fixed FTP not loading correct filename
  • Added meta information fields for VirtueMart Manufacturer import
  • Fixed product_attribute field exporting empty in VirtueMart Orderadvanced export
  • Fixed category separator not using template settings in VirtueMart Google export
  • Added product custom fields support in VirtueMart Order export
  • Fixed Generate thumbnail image from main image in Form2Content import
  • Added a check to see if the appropiate add-ons are installed
  • Fixed export of multiple values for Custom Field type Image List
  • Added support for J2Store Product import/export
  • Added Joomla User custom fields in HikaShop Order export
  • Fixed product price filter of 0 in VirtuMart exports
  • Added option to specify date format for each template field
  • Added support for custom field groups in VirtueMart Custom Fields import
  • Merged SnelStart fields to VirtueMart Order export
  • SnelStart export removed from VirtueMart

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.