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CSVI Pro 7.2.0 released

New feature release CSVI Pro 7.2.0

Even before Joomla! 3.7.0 came out we were receiving requests if the new Custom Fields are supported in CSV Improved. At the time it wasn't because Joomla 3.7.0 was not even stable yet. Now that we have had a few new Joomla releases it is time for CSV Improved to come with a release as well. We proudly present the support of Custom Fields in CSVI Pro 7.2.0. So you can now import and export your custom fields for Articles, Users, and Contacts.

That is not the only new feature we have in CSVI Pro 7.2.0. We further improved the support for Form2Content import as we now also support the database lookup fields and after importing new Form2Content articles, they are immediately parsed as Joomla articles, so the article is immediately updated for your site visitors. VirtueMart recently came out with a new release as well which contains some new fields which are also supported now. These fields are payment_currency in the VirtueMart Order export and virtuemart_rating_vote_id in the VirtueMart Rating import. The categories in VirtueMart have been given a set of parameters by the developers, so we make those available as well for import and export.

Joomla! IDs

When you use CSV Improved to move over or synchronize data for your Joomla! data the IDs would always change as CSV Improved created a completely new item which then received a new ID. This is troublesome when you have links in your articles that link to other articles or menu items which link to articles or categories. So we recognized this problem and did something about it. Now it is possible to keep your existing IDs when you import:

  • Joomla! articles
  • Joomla! categories
  • Joomla! menus

Conditional rule

For some time the request has been to update field values based on conditions. Now it is possible to do this using the value comparison rule plugin or by writing your own rule plugin so it matches your exact needs, however writing a plugin is not something everybody can do. So we decided to build our own rule and include it for you. The value comparison rule would only allow for 1 rule at a time, the conditional rule you can not only add multiple conditions but also get values from other imported fields.

Conditional rule

As you can see with this conditional rule you can set all kinds of rules of how a field should be filled. The value comparison rule plugin is no longer being shipped with CSVI Pro but you can still continue to use the one installed on your site.

Custom table export on steroids

Custom table fields query

A long standing request but finally it has arrived, the ability to construct your own queries in CSV Improved. This is an example of exporting VirtueMart order data. You are in complete control of which tables are exported and how they are linked.

Support for Styleware Maps is back

In the past CSV Improved supprted Styleware Maps but somehow it was left behind. No longer and you can import data for Styleware maps into:

  • Joomla content
  • Joomla categories
  • K2 content

Other notable changes

We updated support for K2 version 2.7.1 so there is no problem anymore with a missing library. We implemented auto-loading for the addons, what this means is that it doesn't matter anymore in which order you install CSV Improved or the addon. You can now also import multiple files from an FTP folder. In VirtueMart it is possible to import and update orders for guest users.


The full list of changes in this release:

  • Check if there is a product currency in VirtueMart Google export
  • Checking if old parameters exist change to prevent error Unknown column 'csvi_setting_id'
  • Fixed VirtueMart Sort categories maintenance option Call to undefined function
  • Fixed ICEcat indexing
  • Added translation of titles in the product_attribute of VirtueMart order export
  • Fixed Inserting images in Form2Content Article import now contains all settings
  • Added support for database lookup fields in F2C Article import
  • Added decimal separator for product_discountedPriceWithoutTax and product_priceWithoutTax in VirtueMart order export
  • Added Show friendly message on rules page there are unpublished plugins
  • Fixed duplicate slug error in VirtueMart category import
  • Added option to use existing ID in Joomla! content import
  • Category thumbnail image to take resize folder only when user wants it in VirtueMart category import
  • Added Implemented autoloading of supported extensions
  • Products table field name is ambigous in VirtueMart order export
  • Fixed Custom Fields for All ordering field in VirtueMart product import
  • Added Generate alias from title field for Form2Content articles
  • Fixed failure to load the correct template instance in certain circumstances
  • Increased length of sefurl field to 512 characters
  • Added support for new field payment_currency in VirtueMart order export and import
  • Changed user check to make sure user exists in VirtueMart order import
  • Added support for new field virtuemart_rating_vote_id in VirtueMart rating import
  • Fixed wrong table name in VirtueMart shipping rate export
  • Added support for the category parameters in VirtueMart category import
  • Fixed product parameters not getting updated in VirtueMart product import
  • Added option to use existing ID in Joomla! menu import
  • Fixed missing show_on_pdetails and shipment_cost fields for VirtueMart shipping rate export
  • Update for K2 2.7.1 support
  • Fixed returning SEF URL when cache is turned off
  • Added option to use existing ID in Joomla! category import
  • Check for existing shipping name with either slug or shipment name on VirtueMart shipping rates import
  • Added Multiple table selection for CSVI custom table export
  • Added conditional rule plugin
  • Margin rule to convert decimal to points for calculation
  • Fixed Form2Content article not updating because of empty alias on Form2Content article import
  • Added to parse template after import in Form2Content article import
  • Fixed file not deleted from it's original location when importing from server
  • Added cron/frontend setting to templates list
  • Fixed cron export to show up double in logs
  • Fixed environment settings for JUri
  • Fixed template backup to fail due to special characters in rule
  • Fixed to select only Stockable Custom Field plugin row on import
  • Added support country and state names for HikaShop order export
  • Added support for Joomla! custom fields
  • Added Support for custom_disabler field for Stockable Custom fields on VirtueMart Product import
  • Added import multiple files from FTP folder
  • Fixed error on deleting product when language table doesn't exist in VirtueMart Product import
  • Fixed Column header showing in default value field
  • Joomla! Menus import now also supports backend menus
  • Added support for Joomla! Contacts
  • Fixed Form2Content Article import failing on displayList field not containing multiple entries
  • Added Product override price to convert to target currency price in VirtueMart Product export
  • Fixed bug of empty custom value in stockablecustomfields and customfieldsforall value in VirtueMart Product import
  • Added Allow updating orders of guest users in VirtueMart Order import
  • Fixed Refresh SEF URLs to deal with redirects
  • Updated file_url_thumb to be generated on the fly on export in VirtueMart Product export
  • Override field does not get updated when it is 0 in VirtueMart Product import
  • Removed Value Comparison rule plugin in favour of new Conditional rule plugin

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.