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CSV Improved Pro 7.9.0 released

CSV Improved 7.9.0

We seem to be getting more regular releases lately. Last month we released CSV Improved 7.8.0 with some great new features, this time around we have some pretty neat features again. Read on, to find out.

Joomla Custom Fields

In Joomla it is possible to group a set of custom fields, however it was not possible in CSV Improved to export fields per group. We have added this filter to allow you to export your custom fields per group.

Joomla Users

In addition to the usergroup options we added in the previous release, we have taken this a step further. You can now import and export nested usergroups. For example you have the following structure:

  • Sales/Employees
  • Production/Employees

It was impossible to import this structure as you could only specify Employees, this would make CSV Improved always load the first entry it finds. Now you can specify the path in full and have full control over the usergroup structure. This can be used in both the Joomla Users import and export and the Joomla Usergroups import and export.

See our tutorial on Joomla Users import for specific details on how to use this new feature.


The regular price is now added to the J2Store Price export as well, so you can get a clear overview of the regular prices and special prices linked to your products.

Template wizard

We have extended the template wizard with the field mapper. You can now map your fields directly when creating a new template, provided the option is set to not use the file for configuration.

Template Wizard Field Mapper

There are several options you have here:

  1. Go to Template fields to add them manually
  2. Type or paste the setup of your fields
  3. Upload a CSV file
  4. Drag and drop a CSV file

Once you have added your content, the fields will show up and you can map them.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Users with enabled status set to yes are checked against blocked status in Joomla User export
  • Added export products with regular prices in J2Store price export
  • Added field mapping to template wizard
  • Fixed various issues in FastSeller for HikaShop export and import
  • Fixed maintenance options not used during cron run
  • Fixed Rule view cancel button compatible error
  • Added filter to filter on field groups in Joomla Custom fields export
  • Added support for nested usergroups in Joomla Users import
  • Added support for nested usergroups in Joomla Users export
  • Added support for nested usergroups in Joomla Usergroups import
  • Added support for nested usergroups in Joomla Usergroups export
  • Fixes to Custom Filters Pro import

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.