Version 7.12.0
Maturity Stable
Release Date 16-05-2019 02:00
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Release Notes

The stable release of CSV Improved 7 Pro.

This version requires Joomla 3.7.0 or later to run.

Version 7.12.0 [ 2019-05-16 ]
* Fixed nested usergroups for Joomla User import
+ Added alias option to Custom Table export
* Fixed notices for PHP 7.2 compatiblity
+ Added picture_url field to Form2Content Article export
* Fixed Shopper custom field value not exporting VirtueMart Order export
* Fixed customer_note field not exporting in VirtueMart Order export
* Fixed language not used for SEF URLs on Joomla Content export
* Fixed calc rule always created as DBTax in VirtueMart Product import
* Fixed import of translated categories in VirtueMart Category import
+ Added option to export empty nodes for XML exports
* Fixed parsing self-closing nodes in XML import
* Fixed stockable custom field deleting previous imported values
+ Added increment ordering field for new items on K2 Item import
+ Added support for VirtueMart textfield plugin in VirtueMart Order export
+ Added plugin trigger onBeforeImport
* Fixed start time logging
+ Added button to backup templates from the templates list page
+ Added note field to the template for storing comments about the template
* Fixed not processing images when Process images is set to No in J2Store product import
* Fixed overrides not working in front-end export and cron
* Fixed possible warnings on restoring template
* Fixed incorrect message running maintenance task via cron
+ Added tags field to template to categorize templates
/ Changed handling of nodes with the same name on different levels in XML file
/ Changed buffer size reading large files in XML Analyser
* Fixed missing methods in J2Store helper
* Fixed encode option not used for checking file existence
+ Added run button on template edit screen
+ Added category_delete field in VirtueMart Product import
* Fixed restore of templates not always restoring rules
+ Added remember last used tab on template editing